The Same, all the same.

Hi, you loved One. Yes, Just You right there. Has anybody said today that You are Loved and Important? Are You saying that to yourself?

I am practicing it. It just feels so sticky sometimes. The babbling of the mothership of Pelonteet stays in the sketches and drafts, due to mixed emotions and thoughts. It’s just that I am not sure what to say or what to even think.

Just stuck. And then I read. I read all the self-help and philosophical and even epic literature. And I come back to the same revelation. All the books and texts point to the same direction. All coming steadily to the same source.

We have different parts, divisions or fields. One must keep good care of them all. One must seek the balance. Nurture and feed. Right way, not the wrong way.

And my way of making about? I play with colours. Oh dear lord how I love colours 🤩😍💝🦋

I try NLP practice just to find out that either I can’t throw myself into acting and loving the scheme (I’ve always thought myself to be quote imaginative) or I just can not meet my inner / past child. She’s protected behind shiny, glossy black wall. If I really really try, I get a hint of green in the walls colour and a reminiscence of a tree.

I hope, pray and beg my inside parts to play nicely together. Be free, you have the ability to fly. You will all be on the stage of my mind you have multiple turns 😍🤩 But let’s fly together 🦋

I hope that You, Loved One, Dearest, have had the playful, light, laughter filled start of the year 😍

Finally I want to mention some books which have almost flipped me over and strengthened my feathers 🦋❤️💟

Lissa Rankin: Mind over Medicine

Johanna Blomqvist: Hyper-reality

Serge Kahili King: Huna

I hope that we all can continue with colors and flight and flying with this wonderful year 2021 ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

Oh, and by the way those birdies in that picture are named after the principles of the Huna…

I will be posting about those birdy-wirdies on the background in the next upcoming posts.

With love, Teija and the Pelonteet 🦋💝🦋

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