🦋About Pelonteet🦋

Who am I and What are the


I am a 38-year old native finnish woman. A wife to one, a mother to two. Sister, aunt, great aunt and a friend. I want to Face My Fearlings. I’ve decided to present them here, in my home in the world wide web. Fearlings came to me, when I was feeling really down and even desperate. I had almost like an epiphany, and I realised the more I dwell on any aspect of life, the more it gets grip of me. So, facing these funny looking cartoon characters, giving them almost idiotic names, felt relaxing and most of all, LIBERATING! I do hope that they bring joy and laughter into peoples lives, because this life has been made to be laughed at & with. 😀   <3 <3 <3

This is the one, where it all started. Abnis Abhylky 🦋

Abandonment Pelonne 

Fear and feeling seldom are one-sided or simple. They tend to consist of all kinds of shades and colours, and many different fears and feeling mix up to weird entities.

That’s why Pelonteet are kinda awkward, funny, big-goggly eyed and a little childishly drawn (also something to do with my drawing capabilities! :D).

Still, they are so meaningful and a lots of fun to hang around!

I tried to offer this wonderful Laavjing Juujang’s portrait to my sister-in-heavens, but she refused warm-heartedly. 🦋

All I remember, that with Laavjing, she really took a long time pondering, and told me, she reminds of something to her.

To me, she is one of the dearest Pelonteet, of course, she is a Lovecetrum Equilibrium Pelonne.  🦋

I encourage you all, beautiful people, to stay true to yourself and Face Your Fearlings. Pelot + Tunteet = Pelonteet. (Fears+Feelings = Fearlings).

All content, and drawings are my own making, please don’t use them without my consent.

PS. The only thing true in all of the above I said is the first words: I am. Everything else is stories, stories we tell about ourself to others and ourself. <3 Something to think about.

With Love, Teija 🦋