Miracles = Love

To whomever, who haven’t read on my earlier jabbers just a little bit of information: I am very fond of the vibration level, which encompasses beautiful Pam Grout .

Not so long ago, I attented to her little venture “miracle investigators” and from it was born one more little Pelonne Here it Is

I’ve been wondering, in the midst of this ALL ongoing boohawkey, how I myself am concealing some hidden part of me, some part which I am too afraid to bring into the light, or meet in Pelonne shape even.

But I have to remember, that all the Pelonne books and material and even the core philosophy seem to intertwine to one central idea of this ALL – Love.

Love is a Miracle. And Miracles are like droplets of Love. What else could be the moving force of this ALL.

In this life, where my thoughts (which are just passing by, I am not they, nor thay are me) circle around, playing the same old track over and over again – ‘I don’t want to exist..’

What could seize that thought. How about, if I rade all the material which has been channeled via myself. Look at my pictures. Feel the Core. Because. Love. It is the deepest and the most innermost. Onwards going an d pulsing force. Life itself.

Being stuck, or hearing the same old record is poison. Wretched. So, I will immerse myself into the calmness and into the world of Love-PelonneBeanies. And I will be gentle towards myself, today, right now.


With so much love, only love, Teija

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