Meet my winged first new friend ‘Ike!

I’ve been reading Serge Kahili King ‘Huna’ book. The seven principles of Huna, which he wrote, resonate strongly with me, and without further ado, therefore, here is the first principle pictured, that is, you now get to meet my wingedi-thingedy friend, ‘Ike!

King has added his uncle’s (Wana Kahili) proverb to every Huna-principle as well as one Hawaiian word – and in this first principle the word is ‘Ike which means ‘ to see, to know, to feel, to perceive, to be aware, to understand ’. (In the active form ho’ike – ‘show, show, explain, reveal, experience’.)


Mamua ka ‘ike, mahope ka ‘ike”

Wana Kahili

It is translated: First we perceive, then we experience.

So how I perceive all this? I am happy that ‘Ike’s colour is red, to me it is the colour of love. ‘Ike keeps two orbs in his wings, two contrasting colors – For me, it translates to me so that we can decide every time what we think about things. It’s really confusingly liberating to realize that everything, that is, EVERYTHING we see and perceive from the outside world is ONLY the image our brains paint for us. So by changing our own thoughts, we ALSO change the external world. I am sooooo in love with this!! And can not wait that the rest of the colourful birdie-wirdies will take form through my paint brushes. Please stay with me, will you? 🙂

Let’s paint this life with fireworks of colors and make one, fantastic life-tasting experience!


With Love, Teija and Pelonteet

Love all around 🤍💟🦋

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