My new wingedy-thingedy friend number 2, Kala!

The second wingedy-thingedy is not scaly, despite its finnish name (kala= a fish). Here is Kala:

The orange color fits like a nose to the head. King ‘s uncle’ s proverb is:

Ana ‘ole, ka po, ke ao.

Wana Kahili

Kala means ‘to loosen, to open knots, to release, to let go, to forgive’. Have you forgiven someone who has mistreated you? The first principle lingers in my mind, and that is that everything is just a play produced by our brains, so how do you really know when to get hurt, and that you have really encountered something that could or should even be forgiven?

My feeling about this is what Lissa Rankin calls the inner control light, Pam Grout calls it ‘The Dude’, what I could call it is the Core of each of us, the inner shimmering light. Forgive and forget. The greatest energy release ever in this life. But, so often harder to implement than to state. Fortunately, here too you can practice and to beacome a Master on your own path. Path. It leads and follows us all 🧡

With Love, Teija and Pelonteet🦋🧡

Have you told yourself that you Love yourself? Please do! Now! Even if you don’t believe it! 🧡🧡🧡🧡🙏

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