Wingedy-thingedy 3, Makia!

Makia means ‘intention, purpose, aim or strive for something, focus on something’.

The saying goes:

‘Makia ke Ali’i, ehu ka ukali’

Wana Kahili

In English:’ Concentration is a leader, subject is action ‘. If you have already noticed, these winged charms of nature, the parts of the soul, or whatever you want to call them now, are arranged in the colors of the rainbow / prism.

But, as we often talk about synchronicity, I feel that even here this yellow color could not hit its spot any more.

Yellow, a color that is so relevant to the Sun, Joy, Freedom and Energy! Just as ‘Ike and Kala have guided us in the past, We can choose how we see things, nothing is impossible, and by directing our energy to where we want, miracles begin to happen! And even such an old saying, such as: sun will also shine on a pile of twigs, gets a whole new level of understanding with this acquaintance!

With Love, Teija and Pelonteet 💛💛💛🦋

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