Non-Pelonnemeetsymisery Pelonne

This blog post had been left in the drafts, and yet I share it now that the journey has already taken place and the birds have flown (haha: D). However, it has a good reminder of what it once was, and so, I still just say that I Love Me. And I am feeling it all. Vacuuming and all the time. Way to go Me! But maybe you need a little push, a reminder that we can face all the things that arise in ourselves – Love for ourselves overcomes everything. Pelonteet are only Pelonteet. Not just looking through the stories we have learned, But by opening our senses to everything, that is, E V E R Y T H I N G, life ITSELF drives us to peace and joy.

Here we are then, now couple of years walking and going about around life’s trails and ways with so so mesmerizing Pelonteet. And what I am just now figuring out? That I have NOT met my own Pelonteet. Not really. I keep myself so busy, that my Pelonteet stay in closets and my deepest feelings stay hidden. On the outside I’ve tired to patch on and be picture-like open with different fears and feelings.

So the haha is on me.

I’ll give you an example from couple days ago. I am starting to feel tears and sorrow. So what do I do? I take on the vacuum cleaner. I start to clean. (in my childhood mom was always cleaning… and she is to this day incapable to show emotions or feel empathy.. at least, not in no “ordinary “way, meaning I’ve always felt, she’s cold and distant – – – and alcoholic.)

And that might be fine, if I would be crying and howling while vacuuming. But, no-no, that’s not the case.

I am just cleaning and feeling n-o-t-h-i-n-g at all. How deep are the programmed (and unconscious!) ways of coping. BUT. I am not buying that story, not anymore.

Thank You Pam Grout, who directed me to listen via her

blog of this beautiful day 9.9.2020

just a wonderful interview! Pam is pure light and gold.

We are light. And energy. I am You. You are me. We are they , and they are we.

So, I am going to ask myself in the mornings from now on, what would a boundless being of light and energy Do on this very beautiful day?

AND furthermore, next time I will postpone taking the mop or the vacuum (life does not seem to stop, even if one wouldn’t vacuum for an entire year!) and I will tune into hearing myself. It just might be, that my real self and truth have something important to say and nudge me towards a lighter life. No unconscious habit is worth muting the T R U T H.

Let’s take care of ourselves, because doing that, we are taking care also for others.


With pure love, Teija and Pelonteet

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