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Wonderful Springtime You Dear Friends of Pelonteet ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

We have a May Day weekend ahead of us. May Day is wonderful, although perhaps at that moment it is no longer as important as it was in previous generations, but let’s see what end result we end up with.
May Day is at the turning point of spring, April changes to May. Spring progresses at a rapid pace, although in such a winter one must choose the last of his snow throws in the air and on the ground, often without a lasting result.

One moment is like…
10 minutes later.. 😆

Farm work begins on farms, and life itself begins a new growing season. Maybe May Day is really a work party. Admittedly, the mothership of Pelonteet has been a party of living in the hope of recovery for the past week, some kind of germ or virus ate all week 😫😩

But – There are so many kinds of work, as our Friend remind us even in tough times 🖤

Sorry it’s in finnish, basically Suupussi is saying that there are many ways to Work!

Mothership’s spouse is very S K I L L E D 🤩🤩

He knows how to build and connect elements to create a fully functional vehicle! And it runs on electricity!
Our family got excited about electric bikes a few years back, and then we gave up our second car. Now, for the summer, we’ve even been thinking about putting momentarily out of traffic our single car, because rolling with electric-wheels are is so easy to move around. 😅

So here’s the result of the master’s work without further ado:

Yes, it’s good to go on a ride to celebrate May Day! 💝💐🦋

My mind May Day lightens to joy and sun and to childish best playing around!
Color and light and play and joy to your weekend! ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜


This is Hoped for You from the mothership with her family and the new newcomer Pelonne:

ElectroWingyWitty Pelonne 🦋

Rakkaudella, Teija ja Pelonteet 🦋💟🦋


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