Somewhere over the vast Ego…

… There is probably a state of life and being where there is no anxiety and no fatigue. Or is it? How has the Ego been treating you?

My ego seemed to calm down early in the year, and it felt like energy was flowing through me, and fatigue had vanished. Now, it feels again that the Ego has really taken over again…

But then, I realize we have to go back to the grassroots level. For this: Calm down daily, meditate, be in touch with the core of oneself. Over time, I have thought about a few things I would like to try / experience. Do you have experience with these:

-Tai Chi?

-Cord bath / sound bowl meditation?

Then I thought, what even stops me from trying these? My Ego? Not that ego is sheer evil, but me myself it has often led to old, unhealthy habits, stubborn patterns of thought, and feelings of anxiety, such as tearing my mind in all directions — everyone wants something. And the result is immense, therefore HUGE fatigue. In Mooji’s words, I believe this: “It takes a lot of effort to be a person, whereas it takes no effort to be Your True Self “.

But the Ego must also have a good purpose, and from the beginning of the year it seemed that both the Ego and its deepest essence were in balance. The ego is perhaps the ship on which I sail the waves of life, the ship on deck of which I can look and marvel at the world, and marvel at the wonders of every day. 💜

At The end of this Wave of Thought is a small video for you, a Pelonne-video for a long time at least at the level of thought in preparation, and it’s really on the Grassroots level. 💜

might he have been a cow in his former life? 😅

To all the wonderful Egos, enjoy the rest of May, and the JUNE soon upon us 🦋🦋🦋💜💜💜

With pure love, Teija and Pelonteet

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