Lovecentrum equilibrium Fearling

Just wonderful to meet you, Laavjing Juujang!

Thank you, it is a pleasure to meet you too.

I can’t remember being this excited. I think I have butterflies in my stomach.

Sorry, I think that’s me. (laughter)

No harm done, they feel adorable! But hey, from all the Fearlings, you seem to be the most complex one. Although, nobody is purely onedimensional!

That’s correct. I have been given a gift to be the Lovecentrum equilibrium Fearling. Presenting it in it’s simplest way, it means that behind this all is indefinite, never ending Love. Love is in the middle of this all. And it seeks the balance all the time.

So, are you the one trying to balance the cups?

Not quite so. This might be a challenge to try and explain, but I hope you get a glimpse of a picture. There is no concrete way to handle and experience love, is there?

I have the butterflies again in my tummy and a slight dizziness in my head.

Sorry again about that, it is hard to control. Of course the physical manifestations of Customers feel some effect of Lovecentrum, but so far Love is more non-material type of thing.

I see.

As a Lovecentrum equilibrium Fearling I create and bring more Lovecentrum currents in the world, new, endless possibilities. One could call it even Love-energy. My manifestation form, especially my dress reflects Equilibrium. It is very common, that my dresses hems hearts are sometimes black, grey and sometimes they flare in  different shades of red.

I think I understand.

Yes, but the best part of it is that you don’t even have to understand! It is maybe better just to feel it! Without Lovecentrum there can’t be no life.

Could I watch you create some Lovecentrums currents?

Of course you can. I promise you won’t get carried by it, even standing close to it.


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