Hardness in making decisions – Decisiondonking Fearling

Hey, A8kmii, Great that you could join me!

Yep, it was a nice downhill to here!

Good. So, you are the Decisiondonking Fearling and you help your Customers to make decisions?

IN that case if the Customers notice me. Yet I have to say I am dedicated in giving fairly round answers.

Yes indeed, you remind me of one particular popular toy…

I bet you mean the Magic eightball.

That’s it!

Yep. We have very little in common, but then again, the things we do share sometimes cut into my credibility and my smooth appearance.

Such as?

Well you do know where they shake the answers from sometimes?

From up the sleeve?

Yep. And you do know where they look the answers in magic eightball?

Isn’t it like there below, behind there… Oh. So in other words all your answers are from…

My ass.

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Alright. But, if some other questions. What is your favourite band?

Rolling stones.

What kind of tools you use in your work?

Rolling budget and analysis.

What kind of hobbies you enjoy?

Frisbeegolf and swimming.

What would you like to say to your Customers?

They are just decisions. Be happy that you don’t have to be a constant, living trick for dogs.


Roll over and die.

Byyyyyeeeeeeeeee!!! (rolls over towards the horizon)

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