Finnish Fearlings and Life itself.

Kuolonloppujutun Pelonne. Deathsendy Fearling. Bunnybury Up.

What is the opposite of Life? Kuolema? Death? Muerte? Mors?

I love to create.

I love


Or is it that, Death, el muerte, is just a part of Life itself. As is the thing with us humans, we are all a part of Life. Life is just simply h a p p e n i n g.

I love to create. I love s. I love that I can be a chip on a ocean bed, keeping the connection to my very core, to Life itself. These Fearlings give me strength to this Life, it is amazing to create just wildly, with no boundaries, rules or advice.

Fears and Feelings and Fearlings will always exist, as a part of life. Let’s not fear neither Fearlings, Life nor Death.

To be continued. <3  ♥       <3

— With love, Myfyf. <3

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