Name Givings

Hi everybody! I have some great news! There are some new Fearlings to be met! And to make matters more interesting, did you know that Fearlings have names!

I am here now with two Fearlings, whose Customer I have been/am. Welcome again, Abnis Abhylky ja Suupussi!

Thanks and nice to see you again!

So last time we talked we missed this whole name issue.

Yes we did, but no biggies. Did you know that it costs like 4 euros per letter when gilding tombstones!


I see. So, Abnis you are the Fear of Abandonment and you Suupussi, were you the Fear of eternal unemployment?

S: Yes!

A: You remembered!

Good thing . Could you, Suupussi, tell how is your typical day?

S: I’d love to! At the moment I am officially overbooked thanks to the new activity model! I stay on top of the Customers mind, almost every time when a new job application is born. Be it handwritten or drawn or typed.

So what is it you do, when you stay ‘on top’ of your Customers mind?

S: That is a good question. I actually try to soothe the mind. Many times Customers don’t notice me. I can tell you there was no happy ending when a diamond driller applied to be a florist. There was no standing water in the shop afterwards.

Laughing together . Hey, could we snap a picture?

Good one! Hey, is it too weird to ask what is it on what you are sitting on?

Both: By all means, it is our dear friend the Fear of Death! But he’ll introduce itself when you two meet! Must say though, that he enjoys that handy box quite a bit really almost excessively!

Nice. But I won’t take up your time this time more. Although, one question for Suupussi. Could we talk about my application scheduled tomorrow, to be an astronaut. What do you think since I am not so good with technical stuff?

Loooong look from head to toes.

S: You know there’s a height limit to NASA, but wouldn’t you make a good shooting star?

Laughing together endlessly .

Thank you guys!

Both: Thanks!

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