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To fly or not to fly?

We did not fly. We had booked flights to Thailand and we were supposed to spend all the holidays and new year in the warm and sun 💝 What
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Finnish Fearlings and Life itself.

What is the opposite of Life? Kuolema? Death? Muerte? Mors? I love to create. I love c o l o r s. Or is it that, Death, el muerte, is just a part of
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Hardness in making decisions – Decisiondonking Fearling

Hey, A8kmii, Great that you could join me! Yep, it was a nice downhill to here! Good. So, you are the Decisiondonking Fearling and you help your Customers to
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Lovecentrum equilibrium Fearling

Just wonderful to meet you, Laavjing Juujang! Thank you, it is a pleasure to meet you too. I can’t remember being this excited. I think I have butterflies in
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Name Givings

Hi everybody! I have some great news! There are some new Fearlings to be met! And to make matters more interesting, did you know that Fearlings have names! I
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Interview With Abandonment Fearling

Hi everybody, I am here with a special quest, let’s warmly welcome Abandonment Fearling! Thank you for inviting me. It is not usual to get invitations. Oh, sorry to
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