Happy New Year 2023 🦋💫

Hello You Beloved Friend of Pelonteet!

After all, it’s good to whip’n’up an update and an article to be written once a year, so here it is now! So it’s 2023 and wow, how fast time flies!

(No wonder that HUNA’s metaphors eventually became birds)

How have you been?

I think my year 2022 was ”sacrificed” to work. I mean that before I had time to really give it a proper thought, the year was already over. I did not do much of creative work. Of course, in the spring I self-published another Hotti book, and 2023 seems to be the year when I finish the saga. So the last Hotti story will see a self-published publication party this passing year 2023 💝💝💝

I also got the delicious idea to combine different Pelonteet and here is already a foretaste of the future fusion:

Lines and sketching 💝

Can you already guess which two Pelonnes are in the picture?

That’s how it is, this human life

It is so multifaceted that nothing is ever plain simple – neither are different emotions or fears, let alone Pelonteet.

This year (and of course in the future😂) I’m going to try to mix everything up as much as possible – no routines, no getting stuck, no pedaling in place.



unique, once-in-a-lifetime happening,


So let’s live it every day with the value that suits such a gift. By giving it our all.

I love You. 💝🦋💫

With love, Teija and Pelonteet 🦋

Ps. You follow Pelonteet TikTok? Right? 🦋💫🦋


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