Magical Launch for 2022

Dear Friend of Pelonteet,

How is your year starting? ❄️💫🦋

My year 2022 STARted out in magicish and magical landscape. 💫💫💫💫By the end of 2021, there was a moment to give up the beloved dog and Giving-Up Pelonne is sketched at home. I’m not going to go into the bigger reasons that led to giving up our loved pet, but the decision was hard and heavy, it can’t be described in words. 🐾 It feels very strong now that my life is going to be without hairy pawsome furry buddies, so be it. 🦋💫

But. These views 💫💫💫💫💫

So we have been skiing in the soaring scenery and wonderful slopes for 6 days soon. The mind has indeed rested, although the clouds of thought have sailed the sky of consciousness. I have pondered some of the topics to be taken seriously, such as how we face ourselves through someone else’s words, how to treat others lovingly. I almost always only end up with the conclusion that perhaps it would be best if I lost my ability to speak. 🙈💫🤩

Well, I guess that silence wouldn’t solve everything. 😅 So this year, I’m going to get more ready than just a blank or an idea for my fictional and imagined autobiography. I guess I’ve always been kind of ‘all-is-connected-to-everything’ and ‘I want to understand-and-experience-the-whole-picture’. And that is more or less the content of my future book.

I intend to chat about the process of making the book in Pelonteet PrivateBlupiposts (which you can now conveniently subscribe to under your e-mail or from the right sidebar, depending on the viewing device. ❄️💝🦋💖

And I have one more ace up my sleeve this year. 🦋😅 The old groupier has started her own Tarot journey and it is nothing more then than a Tarot pack of Pelonteet! 🦋💫🤩 Probably more of these also in BlubiPosts!

Thank you for being. You are dear. 🦋 I wish you all Wonderful, the year of completion 2022❄️🦋💖💝💫🦋

With Love, Teija & Pelonteet 🦋💫🦋

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