Third Hotti’s adventure on the making 🦋💝💫

Dear Friends,

This is how it is. My third book will see its ISBN and the light of day this year, and I would like to say that before Midsummer. 🦋🤩💫 I am sorry my strictly English-reading Friends, at the moment I am Only planning to publish this in Finnish. 🦋 A good reason to learn this Beautiful language 🙈🙈🤩

In some ways, I even like this book the most, and I’ve added a surprise in the end, just for you, as almost as the icing on the cake 💝

At some point, my books took a step into being categorized as “children’s books”. Perhaps because it is “easy” to categorize these in that category. But. How many of us adults (the child is still in us) are really honest with ourselves and face our fears, our feelings, our Fearlings Aka Pelonteet? So you know what, Hotti books may be children’s books, but they are intended for all children between the ages of 0-120 ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

I can’t wait for you to read the last Hotti adventure for yourself! 💝

With pure Love, Teija & Pelonteet 🦋

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