Birdie number five – 5

Aloha means ‘love, affection, compassion, sympathy, kindness, benevolence’. Like love, this proverb of Wana Kahil also consists of parts, ‘Love (Aloha) is being with someone or something (alo), sharing joy (oha), sharing life (ha).

‘Ke Aloha, ke alo, ke oha, ka ha’.

Wana Kahili

The bird of Aloha got such a delightful color atleast for my own soul – like the sea green sea of ​​Paradise Island, the turquoise diamond, the color of the fountain of life. This color itself is magnetic, as Love is.


I love Me, I love You, I love Life. 
With love, Teija 🦋💟🦋

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