Dear, Dear Friend of Pelonteet and Friend specifically,

Now it is here in English as well!! The first Hotti book in the real covers and I’m In Love Again! But dont just take my word for it, decide for yourself what you like!

‘Hotti Meets Pelonteet’ is the first in a series of Three Hotti Adventures!


This is just How easy ordering the Book is:

here is a link directly from the BoD online store to ordering:

I hope from my Heart that you will be entertained and enjoy and return to the Pelonteet over and over again 歹均毋

With Love, Teija and Pelonteet

Ps. Are you a book blogger or would you like to review my book? Order your own review copy for free at

Pps. Have you read this already? Drop a comment, much appreciation!!

ppps. I might be interested in translating my two other Hotti-Books in English as well, any ideas? 予予予恫

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