Pelonne Pdf:s

Hotti and Pelonteet book series, it all started from pdf:s and Ifolor photo-books…

Hotti will adventure with Pelonteet in three books.

Mesmerizing Pelonteet.

The gift economy of Pelonteet – How does it work?

Here at the Pelonteet Kotikolo You can view & scroll through some free Pelonteet pictures, stories and of course blog texts!

The only thing we ask, that you take a minute, what and to whom you want to give a gift of some sort, and then let it flow from your heart to another.

I love the idea, that nobody knows, what value You find in Pelonteet and what you want to give back or forward!

The gift of Pelonteet is Pay-It-Forward -principle, working to bring more Joy and laughter to this world and accumulating, circulating Love!

I hope you enjoy your adventure and exploration and keep and open Mind in your journey with Pelonteet!

Here are some Hottis pdf-adventures to brighten your day!

This is the very first book from the year 2018.

I hope you Enjoy it!

Please, if you can message me, if you find mistakes, as I am non-native english speaker and writer. Although, some of the funny shapes of words are my own making!

Second book. The treasure chest of Pelonteet has been stolen! Will Hotti solve the puzzle?

Digitalized and translated 2.2.2021

With love, Teija


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