Life is like a waterslide

Dear Friend,

How are you? Have you remembered to smile today, have you thanked yourself, your loved ones today? It is a beautiful day today.

Quite a quiet life this blogging of the mothership of Pelonteet, but it does tell about the life lived on the other side of the internet: D

Now I wanted to write greetings from the hammock and from the beginning summer vacation of 2022.

Summer 2022

Again, the mind has been how we tell a story about ourselves, both to others and to ourselves.
Some story of mothership is also possible to read in a magazine, perhaps in August. 😅💪

That story is about change, the change that exercise brings to life. I have found some really good and satisfying content of my life in crossfit, and a balance of mental and physical experience. 🤩🥰🦋💫🦋💫

Wonderful summer time and wonderful that you are with the journey of Pelonteet. Now let’s spend at least a moment still lounging and staring at the horizon, life always seeks balance. 🦋💫🦋

Yes, and here is the story of this blogging title:

My friend’s update reflected on the events of the decade. Inspired by it, I, too, came up with the philosophical metaphor of life:

Life is like a water slide. In the beginning, everything is terribly exciting, and it feels like everything lasts forever. Growth and climbing the stairs of life is sometimes painful, consuming, slow, and the tension rises to its peak. But then. You will notice that soon the momentum can no longer be blocked, it may splash in one direction or another and life is rushed forward at a wild pace. In the end, one can only say: all this could be done again.



Häshtäk life💘

With love, Teija & Pelonteet🦋💫🦋

Sorry, in finnish the titles😅 You’ll get the idea 😅💪🦋🤩


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