Pelonteet Home Sweet Home


You’ve just found the Pelonteet (and why not the whole internutty-thingy) Shangri-La! You can be as relaxed as you want, or you can also be highly analytical, either way you prefer! There are no rules, no lectures to live by – we hipe we bring joy and laughter into your life, offered with warm and gentleness, wondering together this life we live on!
Wonderful to have you here



Mesmerizing Pelonteet.

The gift economy of Pelonteet – How does it work?

You can download and scroll through some free Pelonteet pictures, stories and of course blog texts!

The only thing we ask, that you take a minute, what and to whom you want to give a gift of some sort, and then let it flow from your heart to another.

I love the idea, that nobody knows, what value You find in Pelonteet and what you want to give back or forward!

The gift of Pelonteet is Pay-It-Forward -principle, working to bring more Joy and laughter to this world and accumulating, circulating Love!

I hope you enjoy your adventure and exploration and keep and open Mind in your journey with Pelonteet!