🦋Pelonne-PrivateBlubPost 18.2.2021🦋

Wonderful this year, Dear Friends of Pelonteet. Here is this year’s first PrivateBlubPost. BlubPosts are now sorted and listed on the sidebar menu… and Pelonteet don’t [yet] have a “real” mailing list.

Let’s see 🙂

In any case, I’m now serving you an experience in the theme of recent YouTube channel with ones and eights 💜

Have you ever wondered why these Blupposts always appear on the 18th of the month? Number 18 has always pleased me. In English, when the eight rolls on its side, the figures can be interpreted as follows: One Eternity. That’s right. Pelonteet guide us into living life right n o w in this moment, we only have this moment, the moment is eternity. 💜

I hope you enjoy this 💜


With love, Teija and Pelonteet 🦋