Pelonne-PrivateBlubPost 18.5.2020

Hey, hello and a wonderful day in May You wonderful friend of Pelonteet Pelonteet, or mainly their MotherShip, has spent quite a quiet life with regard to both the Pelonteet Kotikolo and the creation of new Pelonteet. The days have now been filled with lovely, different home small tasks entertainment, both in the yard and inside. It is wonderful when it is spring and It is nice to organize and keep up your own home. And our home is colorful and the most beloved spot on the world map

And spring flowers, from crocuses it starts and then pearl lilies and tulips and sigh! I also got my very own Poutapilvi, in honor of Mothers Day

May has also struck me with quite special weather phenomenas. Like the day when there was snow in the South and West we had 18 degrees warm 予

Even the sky was strange that day

What do you see in the clouds?

There are even stranger clicks between human inventions in terms of both physics and psyche. Hence the Pelonne of DiagnosisDipper saw daylight 予

And what I saw in that strange sky 色..

I saw the Dragon in it 予

Thank you for being with me yet again, The World is made ridiculous and enjoyable! We will return to the hot discussions in June then again on 18.06.2020 at 18.18

With love, Teija