Pelonne-PrivateBlubPost 18.4.2020

Lovely, sunny April!

What have you been doing with the dawn of spring and life calming down around you? We, Pelonteet and I, the mothership, are quite happy with this new Pelonteet Kotikolo! Sure, with many add-ons, the interaction would get even better, but the fact that you are reading this text right now is an indication that the Flames of Pelonteet can be maintained also in this way, and those who really dedicate themselves to the Pelonteet way of life, of things always get a little extra with these PrivateBlubPosts. The reform of the Pelonteet Kotikolo tried to make the windings of the mothership crumble, but instead a whole new Pelonne arose You may have already seen his left eye on the FB page

Computerdataism pelonne What a craxy laptop!

If only I could use that Computerdataism instead of the usual machine. What a wonderful communication it would be!

March was also marked by depression. That is, although it is not entirely true, even though the seed of truth is in it. The mothership’s battery was completely discharged. The download yielded the result that the actual day job was partially returned from the beginning of April.
According to the mothership, the best thing about spring is the flowers protruding from the soil. The awakening nature to a new growth season and a more colorful life has always sensitized me. There are sides in all the other seasons as well, but there is something very beautiful and special in the springtime.

So Beautiful.

Oh yeah! I promised you a new character from the next book, here he is:

Who might that frowny-greeny being can that be? What can Hotti have in common with him?

You can think about it now!

We have now designed light English pages for Pelonteet Kotikolo itself. This work will begin this spring as it progresses.
Yes, and by the beginning of May at the latest, Hotti’s second adventure will be available in pdf format, I can’t wait to hear what you like about it!
Thank you for caring about Pelonteet
With love, The mothership of Pelonteet, Teijanen