Flapiti-flapiti Here Flies Manawa – birdie 4 💜

Manawa means ‘time, season, object of affection, emotions‘.

‘The power is in the present moment’ is a direct translation of:

‘Noho ka Mana i keia Manawa’.

Wana Kahili

Manawa birdie-wirdie got this appearance:

At this point, I want to admit to the power of these words, or the magic in general of life, how it is a surprise. Already at the time of my final work for university, I noticed that the books found me, and not the other way around, that I found the books. I noticed that Serge Kahili King’s book had been recommended by Patrick Ka’ano’i, author of Kamalamamalama and googled, and I was looking for the word Kamalamamalama, which in Finnish could be a reference work for someone’s maternity-depression: Kamala-mama-lama (Kamala in finnish translates horrible and lama to depression 😀 😀 :D), in the audiobook service. But that’s how I found Mr. Kamal Ravinkant’s book ‘Love yourself like your life depends on it’. I have listened to the book for only 42 minutes and I felt like some kind of impetus wholeness in myself and love. Edit. Now I’ve listened to the whole book and I recommend it! At least these three things I’ve applied in my own life 💟🦋:

  • 7 minutes of meditation, with inhalation say to myself “I love Me” and with exhalation blowing away any possible rising resistance / thoughts. I use these two songs:
    First: Phillip Vogler – Schwebend

Second: Breathing Deeper – Naturally Recurring

  • Say “I love me” to yourself during the day whenever you remember and especially if you come across something that starts to arouse anxiety or something similar
  • When you make any choice (I’ve had it in terms of nutrition in particular) ask yourself ‘If I really love Myself, what would I do?’

It’s hard to try to put into words, as is often the case, but all of this, the Course of Miracles, Huna’s Principles, Lissa Rankin’s Mind Over Medicine, all the loose inspirational quotes, books, movies, life. All – seems to crystallize little by little to The Understanding – I am unique, yet at the same time totally same with all the other creatures. Deep peace. Seven minutes a day. I Meditate. When I inhale, I say to myself, ‘I love myself, Minä Rakastan Minua, Me Amo, я люблю себя’ So in whatever language, but I say it, even if I don’t even believe it right then. With exhalation, I blow everything out of whatever protests / thoughts might come to mind. Funny. So past few years I have stumbled on many meditation exhortations, and now the beginning of this year it seemed even that different challenges for meditation have started, and now I found it. Simply wonderful. I’m so grateful. Finally Here is a link to one of Kamal’s beautiful blog post.

I Love You, I Love Life, I Love Me 🦋🦋🦋💟💟💟🦋🦋🦋💚💚💚💚💚

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