What exactly is the message of Pelonteet? Well, from the point of view of me, the mothership of Pelonteet, it is that nothing in this world is so serious that one could not take a laugh out of it. So this life has been made ridiculous, and when you find yourself wandering into a place, either physically, or perhaps especially speaking now mentally, where there is no room for laughter, you are, so to speak, taken the wrong turn. No worries, you can always back up a little bit! The mothership is also going through a Course in Miracles with varying degrees of success here. If nothing else, that course gives more wonder, maybe even some way to make sense of this hustle and bustle. 予予

Nothing in this world is so serious that one could not take a laugh out of it.

Mothership of Pelonteet-Teija

As the course with miracles progresses, I may write miracle blog posts

So on what resources do we hope that the Pelonne-Gospel would spread like wildfire?

Well, of course, the Pelonne-books. Although the first book is still on the Making in English.
You can get and read some pdf:s ( Hottis adventures) free of charge from the website (all you have to do is think about what and to whom you want to give as a gift for receiving them), let the good turn around!

Of course, Pelonteet drawings, paintings, and works that multiply into Kotikolo at a steady and sometimes uneven pace.

Of course, Pelonteet themselves! Inside of each of us lurks Pelonne that awaits like a bubble bursting with a laugh!

I challenge you to be brave and face your own Pelonteet <3

With pure Love, Teija

To be continued some day…

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